EMS Goals

  1. Perform a Head-to-Toe assessment on every patient
  2. Obtain 2 sets of vitals on every patient
  3. Proper gurney operation

EMS Section Updates 2016

  • 01Jan - New CPR recommendations issued by the American Heart Association
  • 01Jan - New epi-pens are on the rigs. Please check out to see how they are different. We will let you know if we can get some to train with.
  • 19Jan - The aspirin on the ambulances has now been replaced with children's chewables. Note that the dose is now 4 tablets, chewed, instead of 1.

    Training Resources

    February 2016- Respiratory Emergencies

    January 2016 - Pediatrics

    October 2016 - "Soft Skills"


    • EMS online
    • Resuscitation Academy - a resource for High Performance CPR
    • HelpGuide.org - information for behavioral emergencies
    • KenHub - online anatomy training available for free or by subscription
    • Khan Academy - lots of great self-directed learning modules on medicine and many other subjects.