7th Annual Junior Ranger Day with the National Park Service

One of the department's annual public outreach events is partnering with the National Park Service for the highly attended Junior Ranger Day Event. 

Each year, the department sets up an obstacle course for the education and enjoyment of up to 500 participants focusing on fire safety and allowing the community to meet their local fire fighters.    

This year Junior Ranger Day will take place at the Moore House, located at 5th Avenue and Spring Street, on July 16, 2015 from 10 am-2 pm.  

Come on out and join the fun! 

2015 SVFD Awards Banquet

On May 2, 2015, the department recognized the following awards recipients:

New Members (2014):

  • Allyson Nannini
  • Erica Francis
  • Sami El Naggar
  • Nick Sheldon
  • Colm Bane
  • Trina McCandless
  • John Hinrichs
  • Cody Amsden
  • Lisa Mandeville
  • Dana Mathis
  • Chris Olson
  • Paul Myers
  • Erik Wortman
  • Joe Rau

Longevity Awards:

  • AJ Conley (5 years)
  • Shauna Thomas (5 years)
  • Karl VonHalle (5 years)

Officer Appointments:

  • John Thomas - SAR Captain

200 Club / Volunteer Training Award:

  • AJ Conley (201 hrs)
  • Matt Russell (250 hrs)  - Volunteer Training Award

Volunteer Responder Award:

  • Rick Ackerman (32%)
  • jeremy simmons (33%)
  • Ken Graham (38%)
  • AJ Conley (35%) - Volunteer Responder Award

Fire House Dog:

  • Kai (Mandeville)

Wayne Greenstreet Distinguished Volunteer Service Award:

  • Ken Graham